Permanent Secretary Exams

Permanent Secretary Examination Courses

The Permanent Secretary's Examinations courses are designed for officers of directorate level preparing for the Permanent Secretary's Examinations. The training course modules have been designed from the expected knowledge, skills and expertise identified by the leadership of the Federal Civil Service of Nigeria for aspiring Permanent Secretaries.

The PrimeSkills E-Learning platform will deliver over 26 training modules on public service and policy issues. Participants will be trained via the primeSkills virtual learning platform at the chosen time and at the comfort of their home.

The course will be in three stages:
Stage 1: Preparation for the written examination on relevant public service and policy issues
Stage 2: Training on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) assessment test
Stage 3: Preparation for Oral Interview/interactive section

How to access and navigate this section

Program delivery date and time: Primeskills Virtual Course Modules will be delivered twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • Prospective participants may select some or all course modules of interest
  • Add selected course modules to Cart and checkout
  • Make payment using Card payment on our safe and secure platform or Bank transfer (view for more information)
  • All group payment either from institutions or group of individuals will use password provided by primeskills to access the training room
  • Participant will receive link to training room on confirmation of payment
  • Follow the link to Join the interactive class at the scheduled date and time
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