Organisational and Office Management

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The Online Organisational and Office Management Course Learning Sessions are in Three (3) Parts

PART 1: Learning Approach and Guidelines

PART 2: Course Curriculum:  Lessons

PART 3: Quizzes: Multiple and Single Choice Questions

Learning Approach

The Online Organisational and Office Management Course are based on the following criteria:

  • This course is based on progressive learning principle and is divided into one (1) Readable Part

  • Courses are Assessment Based.

  • Assessment methodology includes quizzes with answers.

  • Participants will not be able to Access the Quizzes until lessons have been taken

The content of this course is informed by Policies, Programs and Activities within Nigeria and its public sector.

The course lessons are based on progressive learning principles levels and are divided into one (1) Readable Part

  • Lesson 1: Organisational and Office Management; Types, Functions, and Critical Elements.


  • Certificates are downloadable in PDF Format right after the completion of Programme final assessments. If you would like a hard copy of your certificate, please, contact Prime Skills for further discussions.

 Course Background

This Course seeks to aid the participants understand the Concepts of Organisational and Office Management, its Procedures Types, Function and the Critical Elements that drives the Organisational for Efficiency and Effectiveness.

This Course is for:

  • Public Servants of all Levels/Cadre

  • Private Sector Employees

  • Business owners

Course Objectives:

  • To provide a platform for the understanding of the concept of office procedures and its activities

  • Provide a platform to discuss the departmental office procedures and activities its strength and challenges

  • To proffer ways by which the procedures can be more efficient and effective